Storage VPS

Reliable solution with full root access

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High volume Storage VPS with


Secure storage

Storage VPS is designed with data security in mind. We use only enterprise-class server hardware. Have no doubt that your data hosted on RAID enabled storage array is safe with us.

Tools that you really enjoy

We offer free DNS manager, reverse DNS and hostname management, emergency access console, OS installation, and server reboot. Enjoy really simple server management!

The heart of SriLanka

As a SriLanka's Biggest web services portal, We can offer maximum security, reliability and best prices simply because we operate our partner of data centers remotely. Locations : Germany, USA

Freedom to manage

Each Storage VPS has full root access as a Container VPS. You can connect and install whatever you need: FTP, RSYNC, SAMBA, NFS, and more. It's up to you!

OpenVZ-based virtualization

OpenVZ virtualization enables on the spot package upgrade and less resource consumption. That it why it’s perfect the ratio between the price and performance.

Scale to infinity

No matter if you need 0.25 TB or 8 TB data storage, we’ve got you covered. Easily upgrade or add a new Storage VPS anytime from our resource pool. It's fast and easy!

Available High volume Storage VPS-FTP Pricing

Compare, Calculate, Save! Our current customer pricelist provides full transparency. Sharpen your pencil and click here:

256 GB Plan1 vCPU0.25 GB256 GB SSD2 TB100 Mbps / 1 GbpsOpenVZRs.1290/monthSee more & Purchase
512 GB Plan1 vCPU0.5 GB512 GB SSD4 TB100 Mbps / 1 GbpsOpenVZRs.1890/monthSee more & Purchase
1 TB Plan1 vCPU1 GB1024 GB SSD8 TB100 Mbps / 1 GbpsOpenVZRs.2890/monthSee more & Purchase
2 TB Plan1 vCPU2 GB2048 GB SSD16 TB100 Mbps / 1 GbpsOpenVZRs.4890/monthSee more & Purchase
3 TB Plan1 vCPU3 GB3072 GB SSD24 TB100 Mbps / 1 GbpsOpenVZRs.6890/monthSee more & Purchase
4 TB Plan1 vCPU4 GB4096 GB SSD32 TB100 Mbps / 1 GbpsOpenVZRs.10890/monthSee more & Purchase

Frequently Asked questions

Find answers to some of the asked questions about Our Service.

We designed Storage VPS to reliably hold a huge amount of data. This setup will serve you best if it’s used to store compressed data archives or backups.

CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE

Here at SriLanka Hosting we use OpenVZ virtualization for Storage VPS.

We reduce your server port speed 10 times until the new month starts. No worries, we won’t charge any extra fees or suspend your services.

OpenVZ Storage VPS runs with the latest stable 2.6.32.x Linux kernel version.

Our servers are located in Europe, Lithuania, Vilnius. If you want to review our network performance before the purchase,feel free to visit our looking glass tool on

Each Container VPS includes one IPv4 address. If you need more IPv4 addresses, they can be purchased as add-ons after server deployment (max. 15 additional IPs per single instance).

Yes, we do. Every virtual machine comes with one primary IPv6 address with an option to add more.

No, unfortunately our Storage VPS does not support FUSE module.