Web Hosting For Small Business

Small Business hosting allows multiple websites to utilize a single server.Usually, you’ll have no idea who or what websites you’re sharing the resources of a server with. Each customer will usually have a limit on the total amount of server resources they can use, but this will be defined by your hosting package

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Web Hosting Features For Small Business

Great features included as standard with our hosting plans.

Best Performance for HTML/PHP/MySQL Websites

You can host any CMS Scripts here but we highly recommend you to host HTML/PHP/MySQL Websites, for get a fast & optimized experience

Email Managing Panel [ Webmail ]

Email Accounts with WebMail Panel. Then you can manage your emails (Inbox/send box .etc) without configure any third-party client softwares.


SMTP servers use TCP port 25. As with POP3 and IMAP, there is also a secure SSL/TLS implementation that uses port 465

FTP Access Enabled

If you want to upload files to your website using FTP, you can use FTP settings on your cpanel FTP configure page.

Free SSL Certificates

You can use our free SSL for increase your website secure socket protection. It’s free for life time, until you get web hosting from us.

Fast 100% SSD Server

Our Servers including Enterprise Level Full SSD Data Protection Hard Disks.

Web Hosting (For Small Business)

Web hosting with 100% SSD and a World Best cPanel control panel; SLH in-house support and our 30-day money-back promise.

Disk SpaceBandwidthEmail AccountsMySQL DatabasesOperation SystemControl PanelFree SSL(//)BackupsWordpress SupportHosted DomainsNew Price ( Yearly)Order Now
S-BIS 500MB500 MB10 GB1010LinuxCpanelyesDaily Backup (Google Drive)yes1Rs. 1,890/=Buy Now
S-BIS 1GB1 GB100 GB2010LinuxCpanelyesDaily Backup (Google Drive)yes2Rs. 2,490/=Buy Now
S-BIS 2GB2 GB100 GB2510LinuxCpanelyesDaily Backup (Google Drive)yes2Rs. 3,890/=Buy Now
S-BIS 3GB3 GB100 GB2510LinuxCpanelyesDaily Backup (Google Drive)yes2Rs. 4,500/=Buy Now
S-BIS 4GB4 GB100 GB3010LinuxCpanelyesDaily Backup (Google Drive)yes2Rs. 5,500/=Buy Now
S-BIS 5GB5 GB100 GB3010LinuxCpanelyesDaily Backup (Google Drive)yes2Rs. 6,000/=Buy Now
S-BIS 10GB10 GB200 GB3010LinuxCpanelyesDaily Backup (Google Drive)yes2Rs. 12,890/=Buy Now

Frequently Asked questions

Find answers to some of the asked questions about Our Service.

Small Business Web Hosting Packages with enable Powerful web hosting environment with Reliable SSD storage and 1 Gbps Europe based network. You will can run your PHP/MySQL web sites on more smoothly.

Simply You can upload your web site using file manager. If you want to migrate your whole data from another provider Just contact us. We are ready to help you. It's totally free for migration!

By Default We disable SSH Access for all of Cpanel Hosting account. However SBIS 4GB and upper packages customers allowed SSH on request If there is valid requirement. Please open a ticket for that.

With this Package we allocate Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases. You can use Mysql Database Wizard Feature for create a Database easily.

We provide Password Protected directories & Hotline Protection. All of Cpanel scanning automatically with our server virus guard.

Yes. You can use Email account with above package’s email accounts limits. We support SMTP/POP3/IMAP Protocols. You can access your email from mobiles. Other thing we provide you a webmail feature. Other features are, Spam Protection / Email Forwarders / Auto responders/ SPF and DK (DomainKeys) Configuration features.